diseased prey within casing – integrity كلمات اغنية

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angels hover above like vultures prey.
pray. sickened flesh decay.
information verification waiting for them both.
door unlocked, such disappointment.
angels hover above like vultures prey. pray.
chained to heater grates. how surprised you seemed.
filth portray such an innocent role i know your game.
polluting our minds, sickened by the flesh, push it off on us. each precious whisper always returns unharmed under a watchful eye. she began to set off the change.
ingest the vile and poisonous idea until awake i see no more. blind like most oblivious bliss.
storm tainted waves pouring as it may,
i cannot forget, treasured below this forgotten corpse.
eaten by exposure and welcomed even more.
mind shattered thought slip into a safer state outside the concrete box.

- integrity كلمات اغنية