18 verse – interno_s كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]

i been thinking bout a big body m4 parkin in my backyard
two black suited n*ggas right beside me when i walk bro i’m that hard
i’m 2 focused on the bag bruh
2 focused on my track huh?
alpha*numerical name n*ggas really dope like interno_s huh?

when i get it imma pull it down i ain’t sharing my guap with a p*ssy man
p*ssy n*ggas in the back screaming we had your back but they stabbed it and quickly ran
they were quick to run coz now i’m getting up
bout to get the guap and f*ck a n*gga up
i’m the realest n*gga, middle fingers up?
middle fingers ain’t bringin’ the business up

change of atmosphere coz now the boss is here
try to takе a chance and take your losses yеah
i’m the rapper that the other rappers are scared to rap after coz they know i got it yeah
i’m a kid coming from a sacred place
so for me number 1 is still a place
imma keep it 100 with all of my n*ggas i’ll get me the bag and just fly away

[verse 2]

when you see me you see a prodigy and i ain’t nothing like most of these “wanna be”s
i’m just plotting bars and i can do it a couple of times call me a felony
i’m the kid they respect in the streets, know that i’m lit, call me a proper g
n*gga honestly, if i start doing this sh*t i’m doing ain’t n0body stopping me
i ain’t resting till i can spend a hunnid grand on a single transaction
me and money got the opposite poles, we got that force of attraction
f*ck the fame, all i need is money * bank account put on expansion
2 seater black panther m4 now i’m taking action

i been resting for a while now i’m right back with a good anthem
you been messing with my team now you gonna get your black ass bleksem’d
seen you creeping on my twitter page now you double tapping on my i*gram
nah man chill the f*ck up stop being hot like a vapour pen

still rolling with my day ones i’m on the roof screaming “no new friends!”
we ain’t f*xking with that temporary stuff n*gga please it’s forever bands
my team is so unique you can tell that we coming from a different class
you can stay with your lame sh*t with your long noses “like you peter pan” (it’s actually pinocchio)

- interno_s كلمات اغنية