day one (revisited) – intride كلمات اغنية

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[verse #1]

choke up choke up, ’till you cought within a coffin coughing up some mucus
i was dead in day one, they they won (day one)
i lost, let’s go again tho
i ain’t off the indo, but i’m looking out my window, so it’s safe to say i’m in door, low key, locked up, kick those
doors down, feeling like a pro now
morpheus, shifting the ones, to open doors how?
if pimp c found me they prolly say that i was pro found
but this is day one. reloaded for shooting up so when it go down
better be like propane and blow up, not cocaine, and blow out. that good blow, that crystal. dmt, or a pistol, to the mental, let’s blow out, druggies, 4 clouds, plus 5 clouds
see sh-t that make a man pluck his eyes out, day two, oh sh-t, i’m ahead of my time now, slow up
ain’t checked the time in a minute, i’ll make a vinyl, and post the sh-ts on vine now, do it for devine, attention is still in debt, you never paid it enough
so when the sun goes down, i guess day one is up. it’s ressurect time by now
that’s day three, are you following me?
not with the twelve but following gees, we gotta eat, and sh-t, i read that’s when a n-gg- drink, rather follow my father than people on tv, that’s christ conscious and 2pac “7 day theories”
cuz from day one, we didn’t have trees to smoke weed, at least, we wasn’t blazing up until we could think, glutton l-stful hate and greed etc out of sync

- intride كلمات اغنية