100g – iron love كلمات اغنية

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late nights are getting crazy
you talking to the one that
repped before it paid me
respect, before i do something
that pains me
i could strongarm any rapper
that tries to take me
could barearms
the flex signal a message
from here on
stick your neck out
get left headless
if they turn up
the squad will put a tech to ’em
spray bullets, that’s organic
let’s sprout a vegetable
walking on water
try stopping a martyr
with impossible odds
motto of crossing a god
six god, six push
six love, six kush
with smoke higher than ever
don’t slow down shorty
i ain’t stoppin yuh
just go down
before i get on top of yuh
the smoke clouds
k!lling out the oxygen
its christmas
i’m tearin up the box again
it barely fits ripping the glove
so we go raw
put it all in the guts
but she your chick
and she callin to crush
and i ain’t ever f*cked a girl
without her falling in love
curves like a ferrari
exploring the body
she poppin a molly
wet, like thottins her hobby
shoppin armani
then toppin the god
pull out, then she
catchin all of this army
higher than treble
you know i’m a forget her
align with the devil but
be flyer than heavens
i am a legend
above all of the levels
y’all spittin that six
but i’m at eleven
a rhyme with a message
from the mind of a veteran
so recline
or die from the letters
these words viral
a spiral of measures
head fly in the clouds
with a smile thats deadly, like
can’t sleep ‘cuz of the sirens
can’t sleep ‘cuz of the violence
can’t sleep ‘cuz of the silence
my minds playin tricks
and i fall every time… yeah…
so i sleep with it beside me
p*ssy and chronic
creeping in my dreams
and i be
f*cking and smoking
with my queens
and i be stretching it out
like my seams, like
stretch marks and tight lips
deepthroat don’t bite this, like
ride it all night like this
this a riot, no shyness
she touch her nose, no sinus
take it all, no bias
she fly like no pilot
spread like no virus
leave with low mileage
heckle em, metal ’em
more dots than freckling
the lesson is
don’t say facts
without checking them
more lead than pencils
and cold sweats the recipe
so unload the weaponry
more birds than sesame
hold still and steadily
take aim at enemies
head first the pedigree
blame the hennesey?
blame the hennessy
crime scene left more
questions than jeopardy

- iron love كلمات اغنية