0 to 100 freestyle – isis ohui كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]

i had to flip the script
cuz these n-ggas ain’t acting right
i got the lights and the camera
y’all just need to get y’all actions right
my flow is just way too nice
i’m sick of being polite
if you want it you can get it quick
like i just mailed it over night
don’t ever try to tell me about me
cause i been out here tryna make it on my own since 15
remember i walking down the court limping
now i’m pulling out the drive way with my top missing
doing everything pops said i couldn’t do
dive in this flow and swim through my words like a swimming pool
yeah man school is cool
but that degree don’t make u hot
that’s why i’m stacking up my blocks
to make sure that i reach the top
some people may not agree
but life like is twitter
you have an option to follow me
daddy out here acting like he got an option to father me
helen keller to the bullsh-t
so you know it never bother me
i’m lit with these bars
i’m my own worst enemy
i’m a god with this flow
charging n-ggas with blasphemy
i use a lot of energy
just to find my inner g
gun to ya center point
break you down like anatomy
this my moment of clarity
hold it down like its gravity
i’m laughing at these rappers
they some parodies and parakeets
i’m just tryna hand over my momma a new set of keys
tryna cop shaad some jays
before they even hit the streets
i really got my eyes on the prize
i learned that going through h-ll is just a blessing in disguise
so i’ma go through h-ll
just get a peace of mind
i just hope the devil don’t take a piece of my mind
pops said
if i’m big, i won’t make it
200+ turns out i’m the greatest
turns out i’m on every bodies playlist
turns out now i ain’t nothing to be played with
cause boy
i go 0 to 100 real quick
turn me on and i got off
it ain’t nothing for me to switch up
yeah i go 0 to 100 real quick
you talk down you get flipped up
like gymnastics
that’s real sh-t
bri told them i’m the truth
but they ain’t wanna believe her
so point the biggest sceptic out
ill make em a believer
nicascio is up next
vt was just a teaser
running the rap game
and i ain’t got time for breather
they judging me like pilot did jesus
i can’t believe it
the devil creating babies
so the government can’t feed us (fetus)
fleas biting on our souls like
we stray golden retrievers
but we gone do anything to earn our stripes like a zebra
and i’m the the only one that get the job done
i don’t know not a rapper that can cover for me
as far as i know some of these rappers are gunning for me
as far as i know most of these rappers are running from me
and if they not
they should be
cause i’m everything these bum rappers could be
scratch that
i’m everything that should be
east coast to west coast
the whole world love me
and just cause of that
my old friends hate me
now all they do is smile in my face fakefully
the ones who sin the most
the ones that say they gone pray for me
but i am who i am now
ain’t no changing me
cause it’s different now..

[verse 2]

i really just wanna inspire before i expire
but it’s hard cause everyone around me is bias
mainly my dad
his words were real crazy
he would said isis i love you
then say yo look baby
they won’t respect if you ain’t slim and ya skin ain’t right
and for a second i was like
d-mn he might be right..
but if they can’t accept me for flaws and all
then i ain’t tripping
i’ma still be writing at the end of the night
this is was my p-ssion way before fashion
way before i had tank and q’s camera flashing
way before my clothing line had em whip lashing
way before the small money became a big distraction
my grandfather saying he’s getting weaker
and i don’t say much but i get kinda sad when i see him
he’s always says he can’t wait to the lord free him
and he be drunk when he say it but i still believe him..
its been a year since i spoke to my father
still wonder how a grown man could beat up his own daughter
not just once but even more
lashed my face with a belt
till i ripped the belt in half and he
strangled me up on the door
so willing to bust a nut huh?
but couldn’t handle the nut that he got back
and it was me
the one who always had his back
the one who told cps the marks came from ball and track
riddle me this since you the man
cause i’m really tryna understand
how you gone whoop my -ss
then lay me on the bed
give me some excedrin and rub on my head
talking about you’re sorry
you’ll never do it again
then you did it again
after you did it again
and after every single time you gave me a kiss
man i just don’t understand that sh-t

you said you loved me..
so why would you hurt me so bad?
you even said i was your best friend..
you said i was all you had left
but then you lost me
but it’s crazy cause
the same moment you lost me
i lost myself
and i’ll forgive you one day
but just not right now
i miss you though

- isis ohui كلمات اغنية