308mm – izaya tiji كلمات اغنية

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fifty grand
i miss you angelus

came from the trenches yeah, shooters on top, run you down
look like taliban, [?], not a lot to get you hunt down
dirty ass drugs out, when the sun out
she crushing them pills, snort it up, and then l!ck it
i had to get out, yea
i had to to get out
man i started itching

gl!cks up wit it, [?], n*gga wanna get hit
bullets way too hot right now, leave a lil n*gga leaking
wanna beef with a broke ass n*gga, go get yo lil b*tches
flyer than a d*mn pigeon
drum on the ar, see ya
if he get money i’ll see ya
[?] glock got a beacon
slayworld n*ggas, here we come
we finna f*ck yo b*tch boy be gone
all the chanel on me, [?] beamer
b*tch ass n*gga can’t say i hate on him
you want us lil n*gga then [?]
i got a lil b*tch in milan
50 ra to yo [?]

- izaya tiji كلمات اغنية