seth rogen – izaya tiji كلمات اغنية

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i first tried it, [?] dawn, (dawn)
i’m blonde, lately, i feel like a f*ckin’ bomb lately, (bomb)
i’m gone lately, i’ve been off rock lately, (gone)
i’m a lil bit fake, i jugg him when he intoxicated

i say it to yo face, i feel like a f*ckin’ boss lately, (like a boss)
if i put a hole in yo head, look like some crocs maybe, (like some crocs)
i like to f*ck with yo head, i loved when you shocked, (love when you shocked)
all of my b*tches real bad, and lil sn0bby, (yea, yea)
i like to play with that bag when i’m in the moment, (bag, bag)
hop in that demon i’m jumpman, i feel likе that i’m jumpman, (jump, yea)
soon as that xan hit my stomach i feel like that i was the chosеn, (yea, yea)
hop on that beat to cold man, you can put me in frozen (yea) 3, (yea)
what would you do for that talkin’, i need a mothaf*ckin’ trophey, (yea, ring)
p12 runnin’ like a lineman, and we all doin’ them dunkin’, donuts, (yuh)
i get the p*ssy oh boy, she might be out that [?], (lone)
she wanna be in a movie with me, call her seth rogan

- izaya tiji كلمات اغنية