san francisco thespians part 2 – j church كلمات اغنية

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it was not her first film,
but she starts to wonder why,
a brand new co-star,
who looks just like susan sarandon,
at first so clever,
at first so clever,
she’ll turn you on alone at night,
this time it’s different,
she starts to wonder why

she’s making movies,
not the ones, the ones you would call films,
she won’t call it p-rnography,
to her it’s almost women’s studies,
for women by women just women,
just like those frisco magazines,
back when things were so simple,
she starts to wonder why

lately she’s been thinking,
about liquid male secretion,
she sharpens her hatred,
on liquid male secretion,
she finds justification,
validation and segregation,
she’s worried her homemade films,
would touch liquid male secretion

- j church كلمات اغنية