3 years and counting – jamie 4 president كلمات اغنية

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it took me some time to write these words, ‘cause
she does surpass what i deserve. if it’s a game we
both have won though at times it appeared to be
almost done. a birthday cake, a plastic knife. now
there is hope where there was strife. someone
who’s willing to pull me from the depths of
could it be the end that’s drawing near, or is it
only the beginning?
somе nights the bells chime in thе west, in a white
room we lay our bones to rest. the picture’s
doesn’t fit the frame, they call it the heartbreak
campaign. sand castles melt into the sea, on a
beach that always inspires me to fight the urge to
procrastinate. so enjoy it before it is too late
when tomorrow comes we shouldn’t fear, it could
be only the beginning
a drop in the ocean, a fire on the mountain, the
planets don’t stop spinning around. could you be
the one that i love and grow old with? it’s 3 years
and counting from now

- jamie 4 president كلمات اغنية