reckless – jamie walters كلمات اغنية

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nothin’s changin’ but the shadows on the wall
i wish i could leave myself at the end of the hall
always pushin’ pushin’ away what i need the most
well here i go again but this time we got so close

i was reckless reckless
i was reckless to the end
i was foolish and careless
and reckless once again

it looks like i really led myself astray
and even i don’t believe half the things i say
always runnin’ and i still don’t know where i am
i just can’t afford to let you slip right thru my


all the right words remain unspoken
another promise made
another promise broken


i was reckless once again…

drums: gary mallaber
b-ss: john pierce
guitars: michael landau
wurlitzer piano: kevin savigar
b3: mike finnigan
harmony vocal: zachary throne
background vocals: marlena jeter, mortonette jenkins,
alex brown

- jamie walters كلمات اغنية