100 kash pt.3 – jaystaxx كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

fading in & out
praying up to god that he forgive you for your sins

you know you did wrong (x3)
fading in & out
you over hear the doctor say
you got hit in your femoral artery
you got hit 4 times

doctors said he got hit in his femoral artery
he got hit 4 times
he got skinned in his head once

they went back to the crime scene and found 31 sh*ll’s
on the floor
he under anastasia
they finna do surgery and he know it’s a chance he won’t make it
so he shooting up prayers hopefully the man up stairs listening
cause he need him right now
more than evеr
he falls asleep on them
the doctors now this a tricky opеration
they gotta try to stay calm and do it swiftly
cause they know it’s a chance he might not make it
they might lose him
and they know d*mn well they don’t want no lawsuit
so they trying to do everything they f*cking can
they remove the 1st bullet (yea)x2
but they don’t get excited
cause they know they got 3 more to f*cking go
and it don’t get any easier at that point
heart racing x2
they remove the 2nd
but it’s 2 more to motherf*cking go yea
but they see that he losing a lot of blood
so they get to screaming out “get the type a”
they hurry and get the 2 out
so they can hurry up and stitch him up and give him blood
they think he good now, but they still gotta watch over him
2 hours go past
and they notice that
his eyes blinking
his mom gets to screaming
he said thank you god
he know that he truly blessed
the doctors hand over his medical reports
to his f*cking mom
it reads that he got hit with some “key points”
his momma gets to crying
the doctors tell them 1 more thing
they said that they got the suspects for him
they ass went out fighting
they got lit up they did not make it
that put a smurk on his momma face
2 weeks later
he at his momma crib, he get the hospital bill
he open it up
and it reads 100k

- jaystaxx كلمات اغنية