3 o’clock – jayvin كلمات اغنية

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it’s been a while since i kicked sum’ sick and vile
they’re like the corner of a shelf ‘cause they in denial
bars i am making; yeah they are kinda crazy
you’ll meet a end, g, yeah we are why they’re angry
i harness the darkness y’all cats are harmless
tryna bargain for me to never spit a bar again
y’all wack, but jayvin is best in the west
all black; i’m dressed like i’m expecting your death
fall back. bills on my mind like a ball cap
i always know what b*ttons to push
to have ‘em pressed and depressed, all that
car crash… steer clear and get bent
i ain’t stressin’, it’s like i welcomed you with respect since..
i’m concentrated but i’m everything except dense
i’m gracing the beat ‘cus nine*eighths of emcees
will die waiting to be as nice as jayvin
why do you think i just put them all through the 5 stages of grief?
no take backs, get laid flat like train tracks
you can’t change the past, so never let that change pass
god looks down at me like “d*mn… i made that.”
god’s light shines through my art like stained glass
i ain’t got a place in this war, i will not obey and conform
that toxic anger’s a chore, all the rage is annoyin’
the proper response to hate is ignoring all of it
honest; don’t talk to jayvin no more
us being dumb is what’s causing pain to the poor
it’s deplorable but logic isn’t commonplace
moderate the thoughts you’re taking in and do use caution;
the wrong influences can make you rotten straight to the core
these dudes who are stupid, man i want to take them to court
they are not for stating a source. they ain’t got the things to support
the awful claims that they say and they want your brain to absorb
it’s complicated and forced, with occam’s razor ignored
let’s have a concept contest
think ur dope as me, then you got a god complex
’cause my bars are god*complex
i’m the best. it’s holy bars from the mouth of god
yeah, jah bless
these kn*bs have turned to heathens
the metal give you brain damage
this treatment taps into what these demons
would let in the water that we drinkin’
let that sink in
fortify my stronghold on those
roller coaster rides of lows and highs
my flows’ll polarize the cosmos
hot, cold, to ash
before i die; breathe life ’til i’m immortalized
in my songs, bro. y’all know the facts
stomp on your ass. lost my marbles, borderline
hostile towards you guys, i mortify all my foes
y’all smoking crack thinkin’ i’m not gon’ attack
all who opposed the wrath lost in my lawnmower path
you wanna find the dopest guy with rhymes?
just follow the grass
i’m known for being hard; i’m the dark souls of rap
more than nice. also… yo’ whole console gets smashed
i broke the rhyme code, i go god*mode with hacks
you can’t press rewind, there’s no extra lives
so when you die, you’ll have to start all over
with no armor and no weapons
fighting me with a controller that just got broke in half
you’re mashin’ stuff, your hands are fumblin’
and you’re touchin’ random b*ttons
but my combos are far more advanced
you say i’m not gon’ become the goat
and i hope you’re actually not wrong ’cause that
would turn out to be the worst thing ever;
i’d k!ll every rapper with my words and then
catch a murder sentence
i can’t help it, i’m selfish
i kick a flow harder than a whale with the tail flip
to h*ll with the sales and to h*ll with the diamonds
tell them to take an l because i don’t need no help with refinement
they ask me why it’s more expensive to buy a feature from me
“why you sell ’em so high?”
i tell them the prices just got elephantitis
i’m the beast in the flesh, emcees ethered to death
jayvin k!lled the beat; i think that i completed my quest

- jayvin كلمات اغنية