1-800-not-here – jean dawson كلمات اغنية

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(yeah, yeah)

[verse 1]
it’s a bas*m*nt party
rollin’ with a b*tch in a blue ferrari
i’m a sell*beep*
get a friend’s hook and i’m duckin’ charges
just a badass black n*gga
mic jag of a backpack rap, n*gga
i’m a put her on the shelf
put her on my*
put her off some*
put off by n*ggas that actin’ like hoes
in the back of the, back of the hood
passin’ the black like a court
askin’ if god is in port
‘course mom say “hey seus, gone save”
pops never raised a n*gga that had faith
pops never raised a n*gga at all
wilin’ pay should get you that far
can’t smoke like a n*gga got b*lls
been around a n*gga that never would smoke menthol
n*ggas all b*tches

[verse 2]
i’mma die today, and if i don’t
i’mma ride away in that smoke
in a lamborghini and i’m rollin’ with a body
let a johnny try me i’mma hide ’em in the back
everybody wanna see the hoe up in the back
fall back, b*llseye ain’t sh*t
hate when a n*gga think he know me
hate f*ck n*ggas
no patience for n*ggas
i dig graves for your cousins
i don’t feel nothin’
i’mma live on edge ’til i’m jumpin’
and i’m in my head, i don’t see no, see no
close my eyes and start jumpin’
i ain’t wanna be your friend, n*gga

- jean dawson كلمات اغنية