clean as a thistle – jello biafra كلمات اغنية

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when the elite few
paid to elect me
promised y’all i’d clean up
all the filth around here

spread some dirty lies
‘bout my opponent’s past
all the while i danced behind
that family values ® mask

works every time
my opponent’s p-n-s
is the great threat of our time

and i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh
i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh

to the sheep i preach
gospel of the lord
when i’m with you, baby
it’s the gospel of irving klaw

when the full moon rise
let me feel you baby
don’t you want to keep your job?

got a can of c-ke
and a black corvette
clarence peeping thomas
wants you ridin’ his broom stick

and dontcha know that i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh
i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh

i’m clean as a thistle
i’m clean as a thistle
sharp little thistle
spiny little thistle
best you make your plans
around mine

before i do away
with this sin and sc-m, aw right
gotta see it for myself
with my bare naked eye
driver, take me to the sleaze
don’t you know who i am?
let me in!
okay, okay, okay, ok, ok
here’s a $50
now will you forget i’m here

president mcmuffin
cigar caked with goo
opinion polls state clearly
man, i’d f-ck her too

bible-thumping gents
stage an impeachment
while they get it on
at night on top of their desks

peek-a-boo and wretch
republican b-ttocks
flapping skyward in the wind
lie to start a war
killing millions
ain’t impeachable
like wayward weenie moistening
that’s why i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh
i love it
yeh eh eh yeh eh eh

clean as a thistle
clean as a thistle
spiked little thistle
sticky little thistle
yield if you wanna survive

- jello biafra كلمات اغنية