what up! – jerms rebell كلمات اغنية

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verse 1

what my ink does, you can’t think up
flow on lock like brinks trucks, so drink up
spitting so cold, they’re shivering, catch my drift?
my drafts don’t go adrift on the track, got in gear with my shift cause

i’ve got a lot of causes to stand for
don’t plan to forfeit, so fortunately, i’ve been able to plan more
drop hits like an anchor
i’m such a fan, and, or, amb-ssador for this rap sh-t

what comes out of my trap’s nasty, no canker sore
i plan to soar ’til my wings don’t span no more
flyer than a pamphlet until i’m p-ssed out like a man that snores
no biting, but giant as a tyrannosaurus

eyes wide as panorama when i glance at the floor
more and more folks look like ants on course
of course the chorus got them hooked as the luggage at the air port
therefore, they’re aboard compared to bored
everybody, what up?!


…guess you could say i am
climbing ’till i’m flying
pilot ’till i’m dying
trying to enjoy my lifespan

everybody, what up?! (x5)

verse 2
lay a track down with ease like via rail
they whine about spitbucket so much they need a pail
perfection takes time, but i don’t want to be a snail
i just need you to feel what i’m saying like you were reading braille

see i failed once upon a time, felt defeated and paled in comparison
but now they can’t touch this cause my hammer meets the nail
grammar exceeds the dictionary’s, exceptionally meticulous with what my pen scripts
feeling blessed as an exorcist, kneel and hail

i’m not actually egotistical in real life
this beat just gives me the urge to be a beast, no need for lying
feel like midas, stay golden with no need for silence
hit the sheets to fulfill my dreams, but never hit the sheets to relieve my eyelids

so please don’t sleep on me, you’ll be missing out
my credo, be o.d. on what i’m spitting out
it be d o p e, when i’m in the house
i got the key to success, low key, but i’m in the clouds

put it down when i drop it without slipping
shock crowds with this outlet, sock it to you, i’m not talking electricians
with a flow so smooth it causes friction
that’s why it’s so hot, i stand for my causes with a lot of conviction

a concoction of concussions from the punches i got
combos like taco bell got nachos for lunch
fall from the top of heaven to potholes and dust
dust myself and jump like kriss kross to lift off back to andromeda
what up?!


…guess you could say i am
climbing ’till i’m flying
pilot ’till i’m dying
trying to enjoy my lifespan

everybody, what up?! (x5)

- jerms rebell كلمات اغنية