30 hrs – jesse is heavyweight كلمات اغنية

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yo bish hit me on the same line
you know the rules, you don’t play by em’
yeah i know some hoes i don’t lay by em’
lil street n*ggas smoking in the daytime
if you ain’t get rich off a l!ck too
make a boss move, you n*ggas pitiful
i did a few
ain’t mention you
you should buy my thousand dollar tennis shoes
lil n*ggas they ain’t far like this
ask they main bish, they ain’t star like this
i fought a boy like bish
then wore diamonds on my shirt on some argyle sh*t
all them boys gonna hate
i’m yelling heavyweight
till all my boys is straight
some n*ggas need smoke, some hoes gonna vape
they whole life not half of what my boys could make
that’s not a brag
that’s a kick in the ass
g, on my tree (geometry) i be getting the math
in dallas d*boys keep a brick in the stash
i bought the block, what it cost? just a brick in a half
left the street lil n*gga i’m gonna get in the lab
i’m heavyweight lil bish i can’t fit in a cab
my bro bought 30 bricks so he can sit in a slab
what they caught him with wasn’t all the sh*t that he had
i came out the booth
all you n*ggas was sleuths
my lil cousin talk money he put golds on his tooth
my homie got a gun, felt like bishop from juice
if the price big or small (biggie smalls) bish gimme the loot
emotions run high
but you ain’t ready to die
take advice from ti
you could live in the sky
heavyweight my clicc i never heard of cowards
i negotiated millions in 30 hours

- jesse is heavyweight كلمات اغنية