357 – jesus h. macy كلمات اغنية

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childish nihilist spitting fire and vile sh*t
curbstomp em and toss em into the fire pit
h*llfyre you know that n*ggas providing this
gao and jesus you n*ggas ain’t got the mileage
shotty pumped haters slumped
in the back of the trunk
driving drunk mothaf*ck  what you thunk
you n*gga chumps
you know its arson
going in like a spartan
edge of the blade sharpened
p*ssy n*ggas get carved in
straight out the south side of heaven
with a loaded 44 and a 357
imma god f*ck a legend
every word was a weapon
end yo life in second
stay the f*ck out my mentions

it’s that spear chucker foul mouth motherf*cker
mind always in the gutter thoughts dirty room cluttered
.wrist clean not a cutter oj probably cut her
ol girl prolly f*cked her not a fan of using rubbers
worlds 9th wonder bet they stutter when i hit them with that stone cold stunner
top gunner in this mother burning like h*lls summers
breaking bad breaking bread don’t even need no b*tter
hills if you need the number
god tier emcee
y’all ain’t f*cking with me
ho get up off yo knees
yes blessed that’s me
even if i don’t sneeze might not be a house n*gga but i still got the key

- jesus h macy كلمات اغنية