0 to 100 / the catch up (remix) – jewlz كلمات اغنية

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[produced by boi-1da, frank dukes, noah “40” shebib, & nineteen85]

[verse 1: 0 to 100]
i wrote 8 bars then deleted it
i gotta come harder on tracks that i know be needin’ it
look at where i’m from, poinciana is my home
i’m the king sittin’ chillin’ on my throne
crown on my dome, mama raised a prince to a king
& for that she’ll forever be a queen
growin’ up, life wasn’t everything it seemed
now a young dirty n-gga hop in whips so clean
i’m the man where i lay at, my track records go way back
my name a legend anywhere you say that
i’m voldermort to you n-ggas say my name then i pop up
you send shots at me then you get shot up
nah i ain’t even tryna flex on that g sh-t
workin’ on g5 they want a g6
we go 0 to 100 no care for a speedin’ ticket
one day i’ll lease an aston martin f-ck at least i’m in it
you get offended from my sh-t, well at least i meant it
talk truth in my records, reason why i said it
& nowadays i’m more alive
can’t lie, reason why is cuz a lot of people got deaded
i got a burning p-ssion to be the sickest the illest
lyricist who ever started rappin’ rippin’ sh-t & i’m k!llin’ it
for facts and you thinkin’ i’m trippin’ when i get back in
the booth & you feel it my words hit you like a back hand
reality is realer than its ever been
walk in a hoodie right down the block & you might get murked by george zimmerman
these hoes been wanting to get more intimate
but i’m not into it
i’m just tryna get this money for me & my n-ggas
word to van that’s my muh’f-ckin’ n-gga
& people wanna know why i shout him in every track that i get
’cause he my day 1 & i wanna make sure he don’t forget
now, back to y’all fools how dare you put on the gloves
to box wit a god who did nothin’ but show you love
lyrically who seein’ me, we could go bar for bar to a huned
i don’t care n-gga f-ck it, see you carryin’ luggage
see you tryna bring ya past with ya
while i’m croppin’ out my life to put me in a better picture
how many n-ggas standin’ around you will die for you?
how many n-ggas will get on that stand & lie for you
the b-tch you been rollin’ wit is she down for you?
lay down her life, lay her sword, lay her crown for you?
loyalty’s a b-tch, have you met her?
& karma is her sister don’t forget her
i ain’t ever trippin’ off the beef that they want me in
long as they want me they won’t forget me like the first moment they met me
been told my enemies to get me
i walk the streets fine, f-ck the bullsh-t they lyin’
n-ggas want beef not knowin’, my booth is a slaughterhouse
for all mcs to go in, my phone could chalk ’em out
rappers feelin’ suicidal, don’t come to me to try & talk ’em out
i’ll talk em into hoppin’ out

i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, real f-ckin’ quick n-gga
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, real f-ckin’ quick n-gga

[verse 2: the catch up]
i got this fear of wakin’ up, all alone
walk around the house & my mother isn’t home
i get a phone call, & drop to my knees, cryin’ ’cause all that i’m even hearin’
is “justin i’m sorry but your mother is gone”
she always brings up a question
like “what if i die tomorrow, what are you gon’ be left wit?”
i laugh it off but deep down, i can’t even answer
i pray to god give me more time, don’t gimme somethin’ i can’t handle
this isn’t somethin’ i’m ready for
growin’ up as an adopted baby ’cause they said my mama crazy
scars on my arm i didn’t notice till i was 7
sh-t i was a kid i thought i lived in heaven
the scars on my arm is ’cause my mama took an iron
put it to my skin ’cause i kept on cryin’
& when she ain’t know how to stop it
she would just toss me in that closet
life isn’t about where you came from, but where you headed to
if i got over my past, then you can dead it too
now i just hit up my n-ggas like
yeah yeah you know what it is my n-gga what you tryna get into?
this is art to me
long as the fans keep showin’ me love, & keep givin’ their hearts to me
i’ma be the greatest lyricist who ever hopped on beats, ’cause we know talk is cheap
so if you broke wit your actions don’t talk to me
don’t walk to me, don’t even talk of beef
’cause g5 comin’ real soon, real soon real soon
it’s time for me to lift off like i’m holdin’ on to a million balloons
i am everything that the game been cravin’ for
time to earn money for the single thing i been slavin’ for
i came in this b-tch to raise the bar
it’s time to impregnate the game, that’s what i came in for


- jewlz كلمات اغنية