never gone – jl of b. hood كلمات اغنية

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[hook: bre the 1st lady]
you’re never gone
never gone

[verse 1: jl]
z double o-b-h double o-d
o-n-e of a kind indeed
irreplaceable, eerie hearing you say to me
jay we takin’ over
way that you say it made me believe
man i wish you was here
then the mission was clear
it’s been cloudy lately i can’t act like it ain’t been weird
since the day that you left us and all this darkness appeared
vision blinded so i hide but teary eyed in the mirror
talk to [?] on the phone
man i do this to grow
i’ve been feeling extremely distant from everyone i’ve known
strugglin’ with ident-ty one
pray to the trinity
you know i’ve been smokin’ joints sparkin’ dutch in your memory
until we meet again whenever after the end
i’m missin’ my close friend instead of me partyin’
i wanted to write this letter
i’m try’na hold it together
i love you my n-gg-, b. hood forever

[hook: bre the 1st lady]
you’re never gone
never gone
(i miss you my n-gg-)
you’re never gone

[verse 2: vi royal of b. hood]
every moment i’m reminiscent of you
since you’ve been gone i’m really feelin’ confused
there ain’t nothing to say and can’t figure out what to do
starin’ off into sp-ce and missin’ my brother, zoo
i know your watching me from those heavenly gates
just the very thought of you brings a smile to my face
all the memories we had i could never erase
i’m yellin’ brotherhood forever whenever the case
the truth is i’m tryin’ not to lose it
i smoke back to back dutches on my zoo sh-t
it’s b. hood n-gg- we done laid the blueprints
say you never gone ’cause you live on through the music
b already know that she need me that’s no problem
lee, zo and [?] know that uncle vi got ’em
so until the day that i’m caught up with you
just know that i love you and i d-mn sure miss you
and that’s real

[hook: bre the 1st lady]
you’re never gone
never gone
you’re never gone

[verse 3: jl]
i see your face in your kids
i keep my faith ’cause of it
but keep on pacin’ this floor
’cause there’s somethings i don’t get
there’s somethings i don’t know
like what the h-ll i’ma do
like what could i have done
and why it had to be you
i miss your lingo
see you doing your thing yo
humor missing your ego
to us you are a hero
a [?]
part of your heart in [?]
still this sh-t hard for me though

[verse 4: bre the 1st lady]
what were you thinking
when you left me
i cried oceans
oceans deep
to your memory
i try hard
yeah so hard
i’m trying so hard not to go crazy

[hook: bre the 1st lady]
you’re never gone
never gone
you’re never gone

[outro: jl]
i’ve tried to stop asking why
but when it’s a loss so great
i answer this m-ss emptiness by questioning fate
and no matter how this time flies
i zone out and shed tears thinkin’ about how live we used to get
slide and fly got hardly any and every party set
so when i say i’m on my zoo sh-t
you new n-gg-s might think i’m on some new sh-t
but it’s the same sh-t we been doing
like it’s the same old bullsh-t
john wayne lane switching
tryin’ to holler at two monkey hoes like we gorilla pimpin’ n-gg-
so feel me when i say never gone
zoo to you but that n-gg- t is what i call him
gone too soon but not a moment too late
n-gg- i’m grateful for the game we scr-ped off the same plate
and i find comfort in knowing heaven is where you made it your home
so it’s not a day that goes by that i don’t look into the clouds and know i’m grateful
that you’re never gone

- jl of b hood كلمات اغنية