magnolia dreams – jmac كلمات اغنية

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ima’ hit the lotto for my grandma
cause i’m always living out my kind folks dreams
i don’t truly understand what it means
it must be written by the king of kings
the popular outcast
if you not finishing first then your last
they always said i was a hoe when i was getting no ass
who would have thought the future could be predicted back in the past

[verse 1]
i guess if there was nothing to explain
i guess i never asked
and after grade school i had to switch it up
cause i got tired of being picked on like the runt of the pups
at fifteen yeah a n*gga dropped his nuts

[verse 2]
just a memphis n*gga with melodic flows
my number one line is i’m not saving hoes
nor the bros
hating ass n*ggas i can here what you say
behind closed doors
twenty*thousand plus streams and n0body knows
don’t worry the a and r called and i never told
don’t worry bout that your true colors they done showed
international flights and long night
long way from fulton
burning bridge like brooklyn
n*ggas’ really shooken’
they see what im cookin’
now they want help and im all booked up
remember when they used to treat me like the mutt
now what
now what
now what
[verse 3}
hard on the hoe like floor
so football opened up a lot of f*cking doors
and my nfl dreams ain’t got nowhere to go
so what else do you really need to know
ture vigilantly
yeah im on my own tip
im not from the sip
yeah that honda accord that my whip
been getting money no bravo like johnny
im just sonnin’ these n*ggas like bronnie
i got way to much going on
that’s why i don’t pick up the phone
my first million there at twenty*three that’s probably what’s wrong
i been on my own sh*t ima young p. diddy
so i don’t miss

[verse 4]
or a young nick cannon
look where i landed
jmac top young mogul in the standings
its cool if you want to be like me
it took a couple years for me to turn it into reality

[verse 5]
pulled a rabbit out the hat that’s what you call return of the mac
we. can turn. up jack
you ain’t got to be. wack
mac. juice chain and a patak
i never been an attention attic
cause i always had it
life of the party don’t know how that happen
its a real party you know. if. we threw. it
come on its me and. p and. you know. how. me do it
once in a life time spring. break in miami
throwing. slumber. parties all in my jammies
quarterback of the mac juice
ima touchdown like a manning
craziest thing is none of this was off planning
this was just manifested for me
i guess jmac this is. how your life is supposed to be

- jmac كلمات اغنية