checkin for you – joell ortiz كلمات اغنية

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“checkin for you”
(performed by sebastian rios)

[intro: sebastian rios]
you goin about this all wrong, son
look at you

[sebastian rios]
it’s friday night, and you just got paid
but you done spent every dime on this hoe, tryin to get laid
but that’s a weak angle (word) that’s what the streets made
you a halfway trick n-gg-? make me sick n-gg-
okay, you in the spot behind that b-tch liquor
that’s cool, but her friends too? she got like six wit her
you mr. big figure? man you’s a big sucka
it’s (friday) and you spent e’rything like you chris tucker
let’s knock the move, think these ladies all on you cause you rockin jewels
and you got a face like some model dude (please)
you beyond a fool (look)
dawg you spendin all yo’ cash, man they got you all g-ssed like rocket fuel
but you know what? i ain’t knockin you
wh-r-s exist, so you might score and sh-t, not impossible
if that’s how you want it, then so be it
but you spendin gwap, so listen pop, i hope you go beat it

[chorus: sebastian rios]
you got a lot of talk, know how to put it down
but when you show yo’ face, she don’t come around
she ain’t checkin for ya (nah)
listen to me young blood, she ain’t checkin for ya – ha ha (ha ha)
you like the way she walk, makes it worthwhile
i’m hearin that’s yo’ lady, but when i come around
she ain’t checkin for ya (nah)
listen to me young blood, she ain’t checkin for ya – ha ha (ha ha)

[sebastian rios]
fresh car wash, you got your rims spinnin?
you all set to pull over and try to get women
you’ll only get those that’s whip driven
please, i be big pimpin in wrinkled white tees and ripped linen
i don’t need a item for me to pipe ’em
homie my talk game raw, like the meat that they feed the lion
they can talk about how conceited i am
but i ain’t marryin unless she don’t want me, offer me a diamond
see, with you? you gotta spend dough
cause you a square, and yo’ game’s outdated, you’re nintendo
and that’s a d-mn shame, you borrow your man’s range
to go to the club, and spend your re-up on champagne
can’t be serious, trick, you weak!
you was producin you probably show chicks your beats
cause you a (what) lame! (lame!) word
you’re still spendin gwap on that same bird


[sebastian rios]
what your watch like four? (uh-huh) your chain like six?
spendin and try to score, homeboy that’s priceless
but e’rybody can’t do it like this
i keep her here with a beer, some of us must buy cris’
i got that gift, i do not act stiff
she got her nose in the air, i tell her stop that ish
please, ain’t no chick better than joell
but hey, if you choose to spend cheddar, oh well
what can i say? that’s your money
correction, was your money, now that’s that hoe’s money
i laugh from a distance cause, it’s so funny
look at you hoppin around tryin to chase a snow bunny
you can’t catch her cause, she already caught ya
our eyes didn’t have dinner, she done ate off mine for ya
i ain’t said a word, she like the way my body talk
i’ma take her to the crib and change her body walk


[outro: sebastian rios]
yeah, see that’s how you do this here
you ol’ jive turkey, but ain’t doin it right
you just like the rest of them
you ain’t like me
i done seen ’em all, son
big, small, short and tall

- joell ortiz كلمات اغنية