01-02-2003 – john cena كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

mess with me, you die slow, and explode, you wide load.
your b-tt looks like twenty miles of bad road.
and i’m here to show everybody where i’m coming from.
your a__ looks like two packs of chewed bubble gum.
this battle is over, i know you can’t win this.
you spend your time putting buffets out of business.
so please, freeze, you can’t hang on these,
i get the dry heaves when i see your cottage cheese.
you got bad knees, plus you’re obese.
you’re so fat, when you sweat, you sweat grease.
so please, it’s over, don’t bother trying,
call back jared and get on subway’s diet.

- john cena كلمات اغنية