that song about the midway – joni mitchell كلمات اغنية

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i met you on a midway at a fair last year
and you stood out like a ruby in a black man’s ear
you were playing on the horses, you were playing on the guitar strings
you were playing like a devil wearing wings, wearing wings
you looked so grand wearing wings
do you tape them to your shoulders just to sing
can you fly
i heard you can! can you fly
like an eagle doin’ your hunting from the sky

i followed with the sideshows to another town
and i found you in a trailer on the camping grounds
you were betting on some lover, you were shaking up the dice
and i thought i saw you cheating once or twice, once or twice

i heard your bid once or twice
were you wondering was the gamble worth the price
pack it in
i heard you did! pack it in
was it hard to fold a hand you knew could win

so lately you’ve been hiding – it was somewhere in the news
and i’m still at these races with my ticket stubs and my blues
and a voice calls out the numbers, and it sometimes mentions mine
and i feel like i’ve been working overtime, overtime

i’ve lost my fire overtime
always playin’ one more hand for one more dime
slowin’ down i’m gettin’ tired!
slowin’ down
and i envy you the valley that you’ve found
’cause i’m midway down the midway
slowin’ down, down, down, down

- joni mitchell كلمات اغنية