see the wind – jonny diaz كلمات اغنية

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i can hear a gentle rustle as the curtains move about
but the strain and daily hustle tend to drown you out
i cannot see your presence but i know where you have been
and i long to be a feather at the mercy of the wind

i cannot really hold you but i feel you in my life
oh how i long to see you but you’re somewhere out of sight
oh i know that i am blind but where i’m going in the end
you’ll open up my eyes so i can see the wind

and when i hear the thunder i know that you draw near
and then i’ll watch in wonder as the evidence appears
waves grown mighty at your bidding trees bow their branches low
only truth remains undaunted in the power you can show

it scatters seeds where the farmers have not sown
and it utters prayers in a language yet unknown
no one knows quite where you’re going but we see where you have been
and when i get where i’m going that’s when i’ll see the wind

- jonny diaz كلمات اغنية