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stand for you – jonny diaz lyrics

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stand for you

so long politics it’s time to start being me
take the chains off my lips it’s time to set my tongue free
some might just turn their heads but some will raise a fist
and you told me to stand so i won’t back down from this
they say there are no absolutes but are they absolutely sure

in a world that tries to water you down
where beliefs cannot be spoken to loud
i’ll stand for truth
where they claim your way isn’t wide enough
and they do their best just to cover you up
i’ll stand for you

h-llo reality it’s time we embrace honesty
teach me to speak with truth and love and with humility
you made a promise that you’re coming back to earth
so how selfish am i if i don’t go tell the world
they say just be sincere but could they all just be sincerely wrong

they might remove your name from money
but you own it all the same
they kicked you out of school that’s funny
cause how could you go away
in a land that’s built upon your word
it’s amazing you’ve been banned
to think that we control you is absurd
so for truth i’m here to stand

- jonny diaz كلمات اغنية