inside of you – jughead’s revenge كلمات اغنية

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there is a place inside of you
one that won’t let you
let the real thing show
too many lies have left their mark too soon
the weight is something that i know
don’t be afraid to let it go
it starts with something
the pain along the way
uninvited by the world we hate
so let the world just disappear
it’s not for you to take the weight
because in the end
you know we’ll have our way
there is a place inside of us
no one can take away from me and you
they’re just losers in the crowd
poisoning each other
and it’s true that no one cares if they’re around
so throw away the world
that made you sad
both you and i know that
they’ve all been had
tonight the angels gave our way
to smash and live another day

- jugheads revenge كلمات اغنية