the dirt, the bells, and i – justin peter kinkel-schuster كلمات اغنية

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when i die, do not mention grace
don’t speak of a sweet bye and bye
we’ll live alone in a quiet place
the dirt, the bells, and i

every night i was with you, love
was a diamond from the mine
and every hour that we spent
became a light in the darkest night
there was a time i could call you friend
that time’s gone by
i wonder now if you saw my face
would you even recognize me?

if i ever spent a night as dark as the one
p-ssed by christ in the garden
at gethsemane
would i let my father crucify me
or would i want to live selfishly?

there’s a change and it’s coming soon
like water into wine
just as may gives way to june
in that ancient gold design

- justin peter kinkel schuster كلمات اغنية