1+1 ≠ 2 (interlude) – jvckj كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i’ve been drinking for the last few nights now
and i can’t seem to get you out my head
self*inflicted [???]
i thought it’d make me want her instead
(i was wrong)

now the light’s on, and all my pride’s gone
i tried to move on but just wound up getting lost
and maybe one day we’ll cross paths again, but until then
i’m just gon’ read that
that last text you sent
the one where you said that you would never forget
yeah, something that good had to come to an end
and sometimes i still miss your touch, i
i know that you miss mine too

d*mn, and after everything that we been through
i think it’s safе to say i still need you
i’ve been afraid to find the words to say
well sh*t, i got thе words but i cannot seem to
say ’em, so i wrote this song for you, it’s true
i know that it seem like an excuse not to call you up
sh*t, but really what’s that gonna do? just
prolong this, heartbreak and proceed then with caution
it’s steady taking up the sp*ce in my thoughts when
i should be puttin’ what we had in the coffin
lately i’ve been home alone and [???]
even though ’round the city i got options
but i would never hold that sh*t over your head
like the covers in my bed after f*cking in the darkness
and maybe i’m a p*ssy, i’m a b*tch
’cause i don’t know how to, how to move forward
with this sh*t, yeah, that’s something i’ll admit
either way it goes, it’s the life i gotta live
i guess mama didn’t like you when you [???] sh*t
i had plans with you
yeah, flights [???]
we even had a f*cking dance routine
a secret handshake too, me and you
we fell in love quicker than the cork from the champagne flute

- jvckj كلمات اغنية