3rd street tunnel – kaioken كلمات اغنية

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life’s a b*tch and i’m trynna make it worth a while
i’m making sh*t that makes me smile
spinning in reverse as i’m painting on tiles

telekinesis from outer sp*ce to ohio

it’s cloudy days with some caldo de res
i’m on the golden gate bridge smoking the best
it’s the chunin exams and i ace every test
indica and knowledge that’s with every breath

i’m driving down 3rd street faded as f*ck
this for all my people that can keep it a buck
you can bang my line if you in the mud stuck
there some pieces of my pride you can never cut

is it this fine smoke that keeps me elusive?
them bruce lee lessons movin’ like fluids
anxiety and sweaty palms questions if i do it
atlas with the world in my shoulders but i must pursue it

i’m a 98 baby
you can say the music made me
but i’m one with the earth i’m feeling oh so wavy

i’m dreaming of days of rapping out in brooklyn
shark money in my pocket mark cuban
spitting in the back court dunk with patrick ewing
if it’s bagels and pizza you know i’m speaking fluent

i’m drowning in a vortex of my own words
i’m siddhartha moving with the curve
like guru and preem i know it’s hard to earn
400 meter sprints only left turns

smoking in the twilight zone
measuring my sk!lls as i sharpen and hone
just another dog trynna get me a bone
life like a revolver baby you can come along

- kaioken كلمات اغنية