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pickin’ wildflowers – keith anderson lyrics

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hey baby whatcha doin’ this evening?
can you meet me down at the railroad tracks?
i got tom petty playin’ in my silverado,
and i iced down a six-pack.

hey daisy don’t you worry ’bout your mama,
like 007 we can keep it covert.
undercover on the ground by the water
gonna get a little peace… on earth.

baby whatcha say we go pickin’ wildflowers?
got a spot way back in the woods.
sneak away for a couple of hours,
you and me baby, pickin’ wildflowers.

hey baby, mother nature is waitin’
and love’s bloomin’ like a cherry tree.
let’s buzz around, maybe do some pollenating,
dive on in like honey bees.

[repeat chorus]

take a trail ride if you know what i mean.
hey baby won’t you come with me?

[repeat chorus x2]

- keith anderson كلمات اغنية