in the air – kidd royale كلمات اغنية

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(produced by dopant beats)

[hook 1: kidd royale]
put your hands in the air. wave ’em like you dont care

[verse 1: kidd royale]
hands in the air. expressions kicking in
enjoyments in the waves and yeah i rise again
i gotta smile to win to show the camera lens
accomplishments are meant to be proud and back again
had some bumps through the road and drove on them anyway
don’t matter if i didn’t. my progress will never fade away
808s in my ears. pencils in my hands
and some courage in my heart and here i gotta stand
understand i do this just because the mind had said it
it was free of mind and i had time in the booth to slay it
i’ve been through so much but my outcome was extremely strong
what i been through much wasn’t right but never led me wrong
and now i’m bold enough to show to world what i’m about
show the city that i did it just to make the city proud
when it’s all said and done, if my album number 1
never forget on where i’m from and the help i had become

[hook 1: kidd royale]

[verse 2: kidd royale]
the word recognition never slip my head
i’m just working hard as usually. didn’t break a sweat
i just want to show my mama how good i can be
while she in god’s hands and she could oversee
even if i’m overseas or even in the g
no matter where i be. i’m still the k-i-d
when i was young, i fantasized to be like every rapper
and now i’m 17. now i’m working hard and faster
that’s just not the fantasy i want because i had a dream
and while i’m up and coming, i’m still me by any means
see the scenes in the way and the view is good
while i got the dope lyrics just like my lyrics should
while i never pay attention to the critics cause they’re nothing
i’m living like mcdonald’s right now because i love it
it’s like one, two, three like a ref
when i’m stuck in the way or maybe lost, i get the gps

[hook 2: kidd royale]
put your hands in the air. wave ’em like you don’t care. [4x]
put your hands in the air. [4x]

[outro: kidd royale]
put your hands in the air. wave ’em like you don’t care
wave ’em like you don’t care. [3x]

- kidd royale كلمات اغنية