3 hos – king co كلمات اغنية

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t’was the night before christmas and all through the crib
was a house full of children prepared to get lit
an egg nog and henny, a smoke and a cough
came good old st nick to set this b*tch off

[verse 1]

i told santa bring dem cakes
a couple cars and a crib by the lake
a couple mill in trust funds for the kids
i kept it trill time to get it how i live
keep the dom perignon in the fridge
2020’s been one h*ll of a year
whole lotta real ones that’s no longer here
if i had a wish i would make it clear
bring back kobe make trump disappear

[verse 2]

tell santa bring dem hoes its a party
da henny wit da egg nog get it started
still let that red beam lead the sleigh
cause i know that this type of bag make em hate
i do my dance hit the whoa then i sway
drop my shoulders left to right fade away
man its money just like my jumper
bought my baby mama that new saint laurent romper
all my stocking stuffers filled wit maison margiela
peanut b*tter paint job inside nutella
he gon make it rain strippers bring yo umbrellas
whole lotta salsa dripping on your ugly sweater
who lotta bosses turning up at 1 time
now i realize i k!lled this verse in 1 line
[verse 3]

ima need three hoes for my vip
if you came to drink rose please bring id
ap is on froze look at my wrist watch
diamonds shine like a filter no tik tok
don’t slide in my dms cuz my b*tch watch
when u see me gimme top cause i don’t lip lock
let you sit up on my lap let me know whats on ya list
and if you bad enough i might put it on ya wrist

[verse 4]

tell santa roll it up its a vibe
da swisher wit the christmas cookie all inside
if she wap’n then i’m tryna tootsie slide
mj moonwalking through dem thighs
she say luh me i’m like that is no surprise
i only want a happy mil hold the fries
i remember mama couldn’t afford
we was sharing 2 for dollar apple pies
now a n**ga came up its the life
and it’s only g5 when i fly

now ya boy done came up its the life like

- king co كلمات اغنية