3000 – king maglo كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(skit: partlow)
go by them slow…

big jt sh*t uh
kofi kay on this, are you mad?

[verse 1: jaleel thomas]
i hit the stu and i’m tapped in
i told these n*ggas i’m ready to buss
cause i come from a city
where n*ggas is grindin’ like 24/7
that sh*t ain’t enough
so we put it to god
to put up more days on the calendar
we tryna run up the bucks
and if there’s no money that float in the system
i promise that these little n*ggas get robbed
we ’bout that life
yeah we got knives
call up my n*gga he ready to swipe
promise they loyal i’ll diе for my guys
if b*tch is a mute
then she is my typе
n*gga say he got a problem with me
i say what up man? i want all the smoke
we can bring pistols and hammers and goons to the party
man i could pop out with the bros
like bro we can fix it
i know ya girl wanna kick it
he say he f*cking with me then it’s fiction
tell me why your n*ggas b*tching
thought they was shooters so why is they missing
me and my snipers don’t miss sh*t
roll with my b*tch and she caddy my big stick
my shawty badder than vixens
my lil shawty came through with the big drip
i fell in love with a lit b*tch
no sl!ck sh*t
this the business
i roll with twin and we keep it together
we moving ounces no matter the weather
i came up from the trenches
it was dark days
it was real sh*t
stuck with my talents
and gave it my all
clutching and shooting whoever involved
[interlude: maglo]
on the k!ll man

[verse 2: maglo]
david boyd with the smoke
van beethoven in his notes
ain’t n0body comin’ close to
m*a*g*l*o and jab dogg on a track just doing the most
was on a break gettin’ past being broke
this rap sh*t just an add*on and still a n*gga ain’t got no equal
my inception got no sequel
welcome into the mind of a ceo
don vito with the offers
soon midichi arts in my office
my repertoire? isn’t for novices
wanna see my n*ggas flourishing’
yo rahman do you copy this?
d*mn i’m lovin’ this
been a while, alhamdulillah i’m still here
st*rdily gassed up, had to man up
face my fears and one day you gon’ understand us
that we was tryna fill momma’s purse
wasn’t raised on the streets yet i been through worse
real n*ggas feel me through the verse
i feel you too you got my respect
turn the franklins up men nothin’ less
do right man till nothin’ left
young rich n*gga looking all nice
fresh to death
peace to joel d*mn i miss you dude wish you was here
pass it to the dogg i ain’t tryna snoop
free the youth
stay woke
pray you don’t go out like g money on the roof
[outro: jaleel thomas & maglo]
this ain’t the internet
double it, flippin’ it
gimme the re*up
i triple it, triple it
shorty like shooters
i’m hitting it, hittin’ it
back in the alley
we dicing and k!llin’ sh*t
bought the d’ussè and we sippin’ it
grindin’ till i put a mill in it
chillin’ and doing sh*t you can only be dreamin’ it
my tape is imminent
my tape is imminent

- king maglo كلمات اغنية