farewell adelita – kingston trio كلمات اغنية

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adios, farewell, goodbye, majicita. my love for you was never my
crime. adios, farewell, goodbye, senorita.
i’ll need the love of a man in his prime.
(2, 3, 4) i’ll leave the love of a man in his prime.

i’m a rambler and a gambler, a get rich quick scrambler. i
follow the laws that i make own my own.
had to run to, take my gun to south of the border but i’m not
the kind who can live all alone.


just a ridin’ and a-hidin’, my time i was bidin’ till i met my
love in a small village square.
took her off right beside me with nothing to guide me. nothin’
but stars shinin’ down in her hair.


like a fool i adored her, took her back to the border so we
could be married till death do us part,
but the posse was a-waitin’ and the wild gun of satan shattered
the love in my poor darlin’s heart.


- kingston trio كلمات اغنية