15:13 – kio (uk) كلمات اغنية

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living with those fears had to loose my tense on the past
loosing with my lesser self, laid it down and linked arms
lying on every corner divisions, drifting apart then it was lassoed to my heart love is still our greatest command
our truth and hope regardless of origin or your heritage
often i lacked love in my residence, now i’m spreading it
over the ousting, ostracising and marginalising, i feel obligated to make amends with it, but
vicious villans vexed roaming the streets for far too many years
victimising those that were turfed i stand with all my peers
vowing to not dwell on the past, find a new start and hoping this vast love becomes infectious and clear, so
each and every time your looking to burn your brother or sister, another human we’re hurting more than each other
every love that you exude example to everyone, so in search of what what love means verse thirteen in john fifteen, what is love?

- kio uk كلمات اغنية