3rd grade interrogation – kommand كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

feebled discrimination
psychic dead
lies force fed

bludgeoned digits

twisted distortions
pliers snap bone
eyelids charred shut
searing blisters

now you’re malleable
floweth pools of blood
now you’re suggestible
daubed with contusions

mortal, 3rd grade interrogation
anathematized, brittle, famished…

fantasize of execution

death breeds plentitude and void
degloved: phallic avulsion
from the guard tower* fire hoses
all of septic soaked in *50
scalp blackened, t**th jagged
pits of dead mound up
bloated, tumefied
facially pulverized
extraction, compounded fractures

meaningless denunciation
barbarous excruciation

- kommand كلمات اغنية