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blaze of glory – kottonmouth kings lyrics

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ganna go out in a blaze of glory going agenst the grain
everyone’s got a different story but ours just stays the same
ganna go out in a blaze of glory the world goes up in flames
ganna go out in a blaze of glory doing things our way

[johnny richter]
it all started back when i was a kid
and i moved on to mckenzie where my grandmother lived
fast forward ten years and a couple acid trips
now we in front of loc’s house on mckenzie getting lit
it was me daddy x the dash scotty and will
takin rips outta the chalice in my automobile
74 v-dub y’all no the deal
fast forward ten more kottonmouth for real
playing showed out shows and rocking festivals
you need a p-ssport to go half of the places we go
so many people like to talk they used to call us crazy
but when it comes to the kings we ganna go out blazin


[daddy x]
going out like a viking on a quest
striking like lighting until they lay my soul to rest
gladiator swingin on them haters dome
bring apart the odium but high was when i’m going home
i’m like the matrix life is like a trilogy
begging to livin then on to eternity
so fly with me like an arrow shot through the sky
until we die always getting high
we always down to ride
renegades getting blaze like some judrays
everyday we blowing hay like some hand grenades
they call us king and the castle’s made of cannabis
dragon slayers subnoize misfits


i be will the kid in this wah wah west stuff
strap the vest up keep it cowboy tough
been through it all and the toughest of battles
never lost one cause i’m still in my sattle
bang bang shoot them up dip out reload
i’m over the hills and around the road
prepare for action get ready to pop one
going out in a blaze of glory with my shot gun
gitty up partner welcome to an old fashion showdown
take ten steps shoot and turn around
welcome to the late night gun show
take ten steps shoot and lets go

doing thing our way [x11]
ganna go out in a blaze of (glory) [x4]

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