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rip the night away – kottonmouth kings lyrics

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if it ain’t natural, then it ain’t real

oh we gonna’ be kickin’ tonight
we gonna’ be sipping tonight
ripping the night away (rip the night away)
oh, when the time is right
another full moon light
we rip the night away (rip the night away)

if this was the last joint, that we ever rolled up tight,
i’d want to be with good friends, underneath that open sky,
play some mellow music, throw our dreams into the fire,
release all the demons, and our souls are uprising

[chorus x2]

there’s nothing in the world like some good times and good vibes
surrounded with your friends and your family by your side
all the time you spent together going out havin’ fun
doin’ the things you do, this life style’s got us on the run
life’s too precious every moment make it count
some days you’re on the top some day’s you’re down and out
this life’s a gift, i’m gonna shine my light
so sit back, relax, get high, with us and kick it with us tonight

[chorus x2]

(rip the night away)
burning, burning, burning
(rip the night away)
burning, burning, burning
(rip the night away)
burning, the night away

take me to the mountain high, where i can smoke a bowl in peace while i drive
i’m on a back road with my sunroof open, on the way to meet the friends, we’ll gather and tokin’,
and we build a fire and chill for the night, catch up on old times over a few bud lights,
we just sit and laugh while reminisce ’bout the best days of our lives and we be the ones blazin’

[chorus x2]

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