3 am – l-prince da lyric كلمات اغنية

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yea..uh, i smoke a joint and f*cking chill and take my ass to f*cking sleep
i had to drop a song cos n*ggas hungry for a classic
everybody lost somebody teach em what a bar is
the beats are f*cking k!ller but these n*ggas never rap
i been telling n*ggas for a while i was a savage
my delivery is flawless but they still could never get it
this the type of song that you, play for your girl
and you wanna impress, and you like this is my homie

yea…i see you and i see*through, you
i wanna make these songs for you
and hit you with some elegance
i see you when you feel my sh*t
it hurts me that you feel the same
i guеss the truth will always hit you
especially when you by your sеlf
we all try, the boys try, the girls all try
i feel the same sh*t that you feel
we all just sad in secret
we do our best and every day we just so f*cking tired
we chasing dreams no guarantee
it seems there’s nothing better


uh..yea , everybody wanna be a cheese boy they wanna eat some parmesan
there’ll say whatever isn’t true for minutes of attention
sh*t is f*cking crazy now there’s trolls in every corner now
pretty is the new sh*t
if you ain’t that, you ain’t sh*t
no need for the nudes
i see the world through very naked eyes
educated monkey king kong ain’t got no sh*t on me
everybody is up in arms but never grab the enemy
the hand that’s f*cking feeding you is the same one that is k!lling you

3 am is really crazy when you think about sh*t lately
everybody dreams and they just hope it’s not pipe one
staring at the walls man this sh*t be taking too long
looking at the windows am just trynna enjoy the scenery
the city is f*cking quite at this hour like a cemetery
all ain’t got time and the clock’s ticking, tick tock
this is f*cking crazy ain’t no song for your, tick tock
let’s connect through all the f*cking flaws and insecurities
i hope to deepen in your mind, like an experienced p*ssy
speak only what i feel, don’t care about trends much
trynna reach another level, conversation with the devil
am not a f*cking doctor but am, always gon display guts


uh..yea, i couldn’t sleep i had to touch the mic for therapy
cos when it’s said and done am still the shepherd for the black sheep
i struggle with these songs i wanna put value in every second
cos most of these rappers saturated like fat in chips
ain’t got time to waste your time
your heart my obligation
honestly is king
if you love it then love it then say it
hate it then hate it then say it
live your life in f*cking truth i spill intestines on these songs
il say whatever you can’t say
i am wild i am the elephant in the room sh*t
i got respect for everybody and i just want it back
the hate subliminal i seen the seeds in all the conversations
hate it when am home and how these n*ggas always measure pockets
that sh*t is childish grown*ass men ain’t got time for that
i know that life is strange and all change is always constantly
get big boy pants, and put your head up when you speak to me
i may be bugging, but still can’t touch me like an itchy *n*s
remember me i was the quiet kid with loud verses
i got four to five friends so don’t be claiming sh*t
the black hippy, the cassidy, you see me like you see this group of crows i am a murder in skin

- l prince da lyric كلمات اغنية