10 head commandments – ladii rose كلمات اغنية

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i been in da game for years it made me an animal
it’s rules to the d*ck i wrote me a manual
a step by step booklet to sucking d*ck
after this song you shouldn’t want fa sh*t

rule 1, never ever use ya t**th
and if you on a bed you gon’ have to change sheets

number 2, ya gotta use plenty of spit
and if you use ya hands make sure ya fl!cking ya wrist

number 3, you gotta use plenty of tongue
i go down so deep might f*ck up a lung

number 4, don’t just suck… make love to it
if not, he gone let another girl do it

number 5, can’t forget about da b*lls
when ya do it like that he gon’ send you to da mall
head so fie he go open up a boutique
i even give em wet dreams and make him lose sleep

number 6, twirl ya head when you suck d*ck
drive em crazy make a n*gga wanna bust quick

number 7, grind dat d*ck like pepper
ya made it this far boy ya gotta be special
wit head this good i gotta be careful
he throw it like a pitcher and ima be the catcher
number 8, moan while you sucking it
do it so loud make it sound like u f*cking it
p*ssy so wet when i do it i be touching it
guts like an elevator he wanna go up in it

number 9, u gotta look a n*gga in his eyes
he go make a promise don’t believe the lies
real b*tch u know i got plenty game

number 10, you gotta swallow everything

follow these rules you won’t lose
let yo man cum in like curfews
let him know you know cream of the crop
i’m fie head shawty stop playin on my top
i’m gone

- ladii rose كلمات اغنية