311 – lamine amari كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...


go go go go
go go go go
go go go go
go go go go

let’s do this man
in room 311
a lot of shiz happens

go go
go go

yeah yeah

[verse 1]

i used to search for happiness
i used to go the miles
until i finally found a way
to travel many miles
into another verse far away
i felt like i was miles
without the shooting webs though
no need to tell me lies
no need to sugar coat this horrible experience dude
nothing is good
i’m not in the mood
i don’t buy into lewd
either full naked nudes
or get the h*ll out don’t be rude
no i’m not paying attention
paying my deeds?

[verse 2]

yes that i do
i also еnjoy
this terrible mood
in room 311
breaking all thе promises i made to myself
breathing the air of a five by five room

the smell of dirty filthy socks blocking my esophagus
i look down and it’s my own stentch…
d*mn it focus
i take a look upon the mirror and it shows a platipus
the headstone of my own grave
telling people ‘i made a fuss’
[verse 3]

these walls are closing in
and i can’t keep breathing in
air out of my lungs but it’s not god d*mn going in
scribbled notes down on my floor
and some cans made out of tin
sauce all over my clothes
then there’s my laptop updating

why did i move why?
i just left my place of birth
on the brighter other side
i just keep growing in girth
i miss a lot of people
too much on my mind lately
i wanna write about them all
let them know how much they worth

[verse 4]

slowing down a little bit
i’ve been faster than flash
on each turn of my life
no signal
i just pull a flask
out of my jacker and drink myself untill i get a rash
rational decision
and start to only think about the cash
and as i’m writing these words my display screen broke
right hand to god
i’m not kidding i don’t poke
this verse would have been different
if it wasn’t for the crack
by the end of this confusing year
i’ll be addicted to crack

crack a bottle
let your body waddle…
oh oh oh oh
don’t act like a sn0bby model
don’t use another person’s words
in your own songs
stop being a stupid idiot
uh oh
he’s dissing his own rap
a cliché of the old times

[verse 5]

screw your life over by your hands
and say derbetni 3in
pin your worthlessness to other people you despise
chin yourself you stupid only pain
to expect
when you sin
you see the damage self destruction can accomplish

i feel a little bad
about this amazing release
i mean a lot of people may relate
some of them i’ll tease
maybe two or three will hate me
wish for me to rest in peace
this is not the end
get back down on your knees

- lamine amari كلمات اغنية