100 – larry thomas jr. كلمات اغنية

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100 bands, 100 bands, 100 bands
i wanna see broken rubber bands
they taking shots like a hunter man
i hate when i gotta break 100’s man (2x)

verse 1:
don’t n0body know me
i don’t play like sony
you know i kick game like a goalie
when i’m outta debt
and my family straight
then i might just go bust down a rollie
n*ggas wanna pop like a rubber band
if you want me dead it’s gone take a 100 men
you gone need an army
and you might need two just to scar me
they think i’m lil baby the way they see boogers
look in my mouth and you always see money
i don’t think it’s funny i don’t think it’s punny
i pick up the pen and a n*gga go dummy
my raps like a mummy
(you get it???)
they old but you still wanna see it
i came from the bottom, the mud, the trеnches
and some n*ggas still wanna be me???
i’m not faking an image for tv
it ain’t that hard to be mе and be me
shouldn’t be hard to be you and be you
most of y’all cappin
y’all kappa like a hbcu
with no disrespect to they grind cuz i salute
to anybody out there that’s doing it bigger
they eating like dinner
i know they a winner
ima go and keep on getting these 100’s
until i get 6 figures

- larry thomas jr كلمات اغنية