intro: welcome… (live) – laura benanti كلمات اغنية

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hi everybody! thank you all so much for being here. i’m laura. and this is todd, and ann, and brian, and rich. (audience applauds.) aren’t they amazing? thank you for trekking out here on such a cold and horrible day. (audience laughs.) it’s literally almost june. i don’t know what’s happening. but i’m especially excited to be here because 54th street is where i spent the first few years of my life. it is where i grew up, right on 54th and 7th. if i stuck my head out the door and spit, i could hit my old apartment building. (audience laughs.) i’m not gonna do it, ‘cause this is a cl-ssy joint and i’m a cl-ssy lady, but i could. it’s where i used to ride my tricycle up and down the hallway. it’s where i used to sing annie in the stairwell until my neighbors would come out and ask me to be quiet. little did they know that one day they’d be paying out the nose. (audience laughs.) sorry! so this is a little tribute to the street where i lived.

- laura benanti كلمات اغنية