pushover – levi parker كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: gavin the hotrod]
ayy, ooo
yeah, they tell me that i’m next (alright)
they tell me when i step up in the room, i just break necks (you know, you know)
tell me what it is
are you boys in my face but i tell you all to rest, yeah
i’ve been fightin’ with my flesh (yeah, right)
tell that little joker he ain’t gonna be the best
yeah, i’ve been really in my groove
tell you boys how you really need to move
i’ve been tryna go ham on the beat, they wanna stand with the beef, you know i got it but i’m in it, you know i am who i be
all you rappers wanna do but you can’t really see
i’m with god everyday, vroom, vroom, on the beat, yeah
i ain’t really see you move your feet (right)
beatin’ down the block and we breakin’ down the streets, ayy
good book in my hand everyday tryna make a growin’ habit, boy, you all up in my face, yeah
i’m doing it too, too much (right)
runnin’ up the game ’til we gotta roll out, yeah (yeah)
and you little drivers always tryna beef but i had to let you know that the cow was too tough, yeah

[verse 2: shiwan]
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is it?
uhh, uhh, uhh
you know the time is iffy, ayy don’t you try to tempt me
i flow in different bodies, better go and find a kidney
i got a feelin’, i know
back to these villains i go
got another color within, so it look like vitiligo (woo, woo!)
so look at the status, look at the madness, look at the gladdest k!llin’ the baddest
coverin’ saturn like i”m aladdin but i be passin’ like i’m in madden
50/50 hun in the run
never keep half, everything comin’
blah, blah, blah, i’ma say something
na, na, na, let me keep runnin’
that’s that one done (one)
put the spirit with the lyrics in the lunch line
didn’t know i had a motive for the crunch time
it was really fascinating with the punch lines
’cause i sorta manifest sublime
i ain’t well when i press on like an iron
will, covered by the most high, you can check my clientele
and i treat my clients well, they don’t have to cry in wells
standin’, breathin’, find and well
i don’t have the lion l

let me remind you, sir
if you make one move, it will be your last
i’m much faster and younger than you are

[verse 3: levi parker]
ayy, take it or leave it, the kid comin’ in full effect
no longer shootin’ shots, only do what they don’t expect
my team kickin’ game, wanna toss, know we throw the catch
and invest it all back, spinnin’ records like a rolodex
hold up, i’m hope is had, woke up, i know i’m blessed
don’t touch, that’s holy depth, blow up like holy heck
back up, we folding checks, don’t move, you know we next
showed up, you don’t impress, rookie, you know the rest
so blame me if the whole team never falls
’cause i’m the one that made the move, chose to get involved
’bout to set a record but what if this record set ’em all
now that’s a bet but what’s a dream without a bet at all?
that’s why you never saw it coming, you overslept
only get the independent bars, no overheads
started paying off a couple loans, now you more in debt
please don’t underestimate the gang, it ain’t over yet

[verse 4: wilsxn]
woah (no!)
[?], we finna run it down
[?] and the kid finna get the crown
[?], that’s my hometown
endin’ in the mars, call it run down
ohhh, run it down, front it down
front it down, and the [?]
homie tryna pay me for my gun down
gotta go, oh my god, jesus take the wheel and go
on mama, oh my dawg, don’t you see me tryna glow?
took a thousand to endure and they just put me in the dirt
put me in the dirt, catch me on that swerve
in it and they swerve
i don’t wanna feel it, what i wanna feel, the one
going up to heaven, i don’t wanna go and burn, yeah

- levi parker كلمات اغنية