36 vics – lewisak47 كلمات اغنية

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shoot a f*cking star
boy with the black eyes
hit with the big tide
riptide, gotta bag of zipties
take him for a quick ride
heaven h*ll will collide
where you going you decide?
praying jesus f*cking christ
you gon meet him when you die
hollo tips kiss your lips
take your new ride for a whip
take your wife for a bit
you can have her back in bits
when you die they gon cry
eternal angel from the sky
with no wings, can’t survive
go and commit suicide
while you’re parents vibe they gon get a phone call thats gon hit em
by surprise
mom your sons f*cking dead
shot himself right in the head
when his ex left him dead, left her demons in his bed d*mn
silence of the lambs when i silence up your man
slit his f*cking wrist, watch him bleed it out like p*ss
calm his ass down he going down without a sound
hold him underwater til you hear him f*cking drown
you’re paralyzed
got fear in your eyes
just know that i can’t wait to k!ll again
got blood on the bed
my negligence spreads
ill take your last breath my hands round your neck
yes know im a threat, ill deck you like tech
your chest filled with led, your leaking out red
your girlfriends depressed, her head full of dread
you wanna just f*ck but she wants you dead

cheat on me you’ll die, point blades to the sky
ill sharpen my knife stab you in the eyes
so you cannot see, your lovers insides
inside of my mind the darkest survive
the king of the dead
the manson of men
the worst of the worst
the evils not dead
when you left me girl you f*cked up my head
ill k!ll in the name of one of your men

- lewisak47 كلمات اغنية