341 (freestyle) – lex amor كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1: lex amor]

may these dreams seem
so preposterously obnoxious
come succumb to my subconscious
concocting options i got this though
on better days i feel this in my spirit x2
on better days i feel this in my soul
it’s been a minute since the vision got vivid
* so these do re mi’s took note
that *
young proletariat prose
come to london
cold known to these bones * can’t move me
unruly, mummy made sure * bless the womb she
made a crown for this single bedded queen
praying for pounds out this penny riddled dream
been *
praying that this last laugh will redeem me
he, said you’re worried ‘bout what life’ll become
cos you ain’t living life enough
i said okay i’m *
i’m back at it
black girl magic…
green dax and some boom bap birthed a passion
pesin wey hustle must chop been the mantra
been about the profit since the profit was a fanta
fruit twist
probably not the best student *
used to go to school with 3 for twos near my rulers
break even before break time was up, have
9 pound profit in my pocket by lunch
my god
i’m not sure of what i’ve become
2:2’s that 2:1 ain’t helped me once
i wrote that one before i bought the gown
i mean
2 years on not sure if i was wrong
i mean
2 years on not sure i found my sound
i mean
2 years on…
the ends don’t sleep, the ends don’t sleep…

[verse 2: lex amor]

loved and blessed
never ask for lesser
tell the ends we can’t forget it
never knew no better
same road i bent my head in
looked me in the eye
and told me lexy come and get it
get it if you dare
as we deya
we endeavoured
knees bent palms pressed
praying lest i perish
grandpa passed and me i didn’t bl**dy get it
didn’t make no sense
and all that thinking did my head in
every loss a lesson
or a lesson if you’re listening
ears wide * ‘ere for a minute for the dividends
ohh gard, i dreamt to hard to go and float about
nah mate, pray by ’19
me i’ll been giving dem
giving dem, giving gem, giving gem
bl**dy k!lling it
ain’t change base
just in case i buss a ting in this
pray i keep my essence
pray i sound like all the littlens
like everything i learnt
every time i had to feel a thing
everytime it hurt
like everytime i had to bill a ting
even when deserved
church, thanking god for little things
i picked up when i learnt
pray i learn to live a bit
i pray i learn to learn
jesus christ you been with us
before we learnt to turn curse words into synonyms
‘fore i made peace with all these pieces
i was different
knee high socks
on the rocks of that playground
from the a block to the same blocks we’re living in
diligent babe
learnt this place weren’t no ball game
turnt round
made paper planes from that wall mount
f*ck a signage
f*ck a gate we can walk round
come through, hq
dami brought his ball out
man are kicking it like it’s penny up the wall now
f*ck it
might as well let the heavens hear us if we stuck here
rummage through greys made for blacks
on our blue days
gold paved streets look like concrete in london
we love it

- lex amor كلمات اغنية