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faraway – lexia allies lyrics

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(verse 1)
doors on my left
i wish i could just escape my plan
i don’t care you believen for the truth
when i turned the kn-b in the different direction
as something was loose in piece
if i am in danger they will come looking for me

don’t let me free
somewhere i can’t began to loose my freaking mind
it’s something what a girl does
if you like to run faraway
if you like to run
faraway. faraway, faraway, faraway. faraway
when i make a moved out of the end of the street
it’s impossible to be a cow girl running along
faraway. faraway. faraway. faraway
maybe i jumped on my knees that i am praying

(verse 2)
could you make the same mistakes when i little to played
but you don’t know who i am against
like you promise the angel in soul
you really need to stay on the bad side
and ruin every part of me

(verse 3)
into the forest
i always needed to run down with you
but i honestly i brust myself
do you make a moved without you babe
could i just ran to the tree and hide underneath
if your hiding with me i wouldn’t make a sound

- lexia allies كلمات اغنية