diggin’ to china – lexxy كلمات اغنية

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go super saiyan
things have changed
all you ever do is cause me pain
all i ever wanted was somebody to treat me like i’m somebody
if you got me, then you rock me
and i know that you my n-gg-
smoke, drink, get high
let time fly by
baby, let’s not worry about what happened yesterday
we was chilling, you were saying
all i know is what you tell me
you can’t lie to me, you know
that i’m gonna find out
and baby when we work it out
baby when we work it out
ain’t nothing more to talk about
because you know [?]

i can’t explain why we’re hopeless romantics
do we love to be loved because a love is what’s most comforting?
you can’t explain, you’re a hopeless romantic
still hoping and wishing in thoughts for the things that you’re promising
are we digging to china?
oh yeah, oh yeah
are we digging to china?
oh yeah, oh yeah
i ain’t with them games, you know
i hate that i love you but i
can’t explain
ain’t nothing i want to do so
you know i got trust issues
and i’m emotionally unstable
said i don’t mean it, when i start screaming
though i love you, i don’t trust you and you know
that if it goes down, ain’t no coming back
ain’t no coming back, so

this a lexxy song [x8]

[hook x2]

- lexxy كلمات اغنية