17 – li’den katarn كلمات اغنية

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17 naive and dumb
17 depend on drugs
yeah i took them willingly
guess you could say it’s all my fault
twenty something at the school
hanging out with minors, cool
all the drugs he had us take
guess you could say he had us fooled

little syringe full of codeine
oh, wait, was it morphine?
i don’t care, my world was morphing
oblivious to all the warnings
hop in the back of that white van
let’s hang out with a full grown man
every day when we got out school
get f*cked up, was the same d*mn plan

aye, what?
cocaine straight to the face
numbies straight to the gums
don’t wanna catch a case
scream “f*ck 12”, vandalize
hate ourselves, that’s not nice
we need help, scandalized
loot at us, *n*lyze
aye, aye, look at us
look at us tryna catch that buzz
past, i was too scared to discuss
guess that we grew, and that’s a plus
but some of us never made it out
some of us fell, it all went south
disappeared, what is that about?
aye, yeah
we could’ve died, we almost did
taking advantage of some kids
we just thought we were getting lit
we ain’t know, that’s his goal
f*cks us up, and he takes it slow
knew d*mn well that we wanted dough
so he gave us snow, and he gave us more
do anything to alter reality
thought we were safe, but that was a fallacy
creeping up slowly, up to a tragedy
leaving our families, worry in agony
how could we be so stupid?
our brains were damaged and wounded
didn’t see it then, but i see it now and now it’s all so lucid

he liked the girl i liked
and that, he didn’t like
he’s jealous of the girl i’m with, he wants us both to die
he handed us the bottle
i didn’t find it hostile
he told us both to take a swig, take a swig and swallow

it tasted like it’s death, aye
it stuck inside my breath, aye
i took the car left, and it shot into my head, aye
i just wanted to crash, aye
i floored the gas and dashed, aye
i made it to the destination, then i saw a flash, aye
switch perspective, call my mom
your son is out, he won’t respond
we’re losing time, a ticking bomb
expecting her to just stay calm
he’s cold and stiff and pale
his heart is ’bout to fail
2 beats every minute
his heart is ’bout to fail

what’s your name?
my names chris
how many fingers am i holding up?
4, i think
okay chris, squeeze my palm
now i need you to wiggle your toes
i know you’re scared but you’ll be alright
i’m here to help, now here’s a dose

of narcan up the nose
i can’t stop shaking, i should be cold
but i’m not as h*ll, i feel so gross
so this is how my night’s gonna go?
oh, try the next two weeks
to get back on your feet
now you know that this is what happens when you take drugs from the street!
wait, what?
i thought it was just some lean
you’re telling me i almost died at the age of 17?
precisely, now pucker up and breath
i know you want to sleep but if you do it’s a breathing tube
now pick your poison, king

- liden katarn كلمات اغنية