3beast – ​lil different كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i ain’t really begging for your two cents
aiming at yo head, i shoot your heart
i feel like cupid
am i dumb or stupid, nether
ima f*cking nuisance
can not hear you, please talk louder
think i got you muted
how you live inside a world, and you ain’t be influenced
your lying, trying to find time
to form solutions
i fly high, no drive by
now look who’s loosing
on cloud nine, it’s my time
don’t f*cking use it
i put in real n*gga work, put you six feet under
shove my heel i the dirt
skrt skrt skrt off
spin the wheels now they burned
why you screaming motherf*cker, know you still can’t be heard
blood stains on yo shirt, sh*t stains in you shorts
getting laid in a porsche
mane mane like a horse, horsе hair so course
course course of coursе, lifes a course
stop playing with me bro
[verse 2]
y’all asking these questions
like i’m the one who make teachers flunk
y’all having life problems, the world keep spinning
don’t give a f*ck
i just put it out, and them hungry n*ggas gon eat it up
left them some leftovers, i came right back
and i heated up
email me the beat, and the beet was pink
so i beat it up
i’m a take your sheets, and delete the sheets
cause y’all sleep enough
she is for the streets
i retweet, then tweet, no the streets fa her
knocking out your t**th, then you swallow them
thats a treat for her
she say she’s so tired ah me
cause i be mistreating ha
glad i let her go before, i feel in way to deep wit ha
had to tell my girl to chill out, stop fighting my ex
there is no way no way

[verse 3]
i just ate a hot pocket , used bout 20 ranches
ima hold my ground n*gga
so you can take yo stance b*tch
ass so fat, what’s the point of wearing them pantss
stop playing wit me, don’t get got god d*mnt
them pictures on my wall, watch me while i sleep
it be like every time i look up, they be looking at me
i asked my grams was i crazy, he said son you might be
then we drove to thrifty liquor, but he left is id
yo i’m sick wit dis sh*t, its a math im so mean
dis sh*t easy as pie
like 3.14 something, something, something
something, something, something
something, something, something
something, something, something
something, something, 53
why these n*ggas insisting on trying me
you can tip toe around, but you won’t get by me
i got multiple side b*tchs, a whole side piece
i wanna number 4, with a large fry please
stop playing

- lil different كلمات اغنية